Let’s look at the myths that surround the creation of abundance and wealth in our lives. These myths can hold you back from financial independence and your goals.

The first myth: How much you earn depends on how much you work. There are people who work less than twenty hours a week and earn really good money. They’ve set their life up that way. If this myth is true then the people who have been working hard for years would’ve been the wealthiest people on the planet. But of course as we know this is not true. The middle class forms most of the work force but are not wealthy. People who work just for the money are in debt a lot times because they comfort themselves in whatever they can buy. Whenever they’re not working they rush out to spend money instead of investing it something better which can help create more money. Remember, wealthy people don’t work, they supervise.

The second myth: Being paid for something you enjoy isn’t work, and don’t ask for to be paid when doing something you enjoy. This is a big lie. If there’s no joy when doing work then why do it? If you don’t enjoy your work then you won’t become wealthy doing it. You got to find something you enjoy doing. And just because you enjoy doing your work it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get paid for it. In fact this is the ultimate goal – to get paid for something you really enjoy.

The third myth: You need to be in the right line of business to get wealthy. How many of you think this? This means that all the people who are involved in the same business are millionaires. We know this isn’t true. In each business there are winners and losers.

The fourth myth: You need the right education to make a fortune. The most educated people are not the wealthiest people on the people. If you apply this thought then professors should be millionaires. The wealthiest people are those who can convert their knowledge and education into money in the best possible way. They could be highly educated people or almost ignorant, but they know how to convert what they know into money. Not being educated doesn’t mean poor performance on the job or the inability to form a strong enough vision to carry a person to success. The things you have can take you where you need to go. You can be an expert without a formal education.

The fifth myth: It used to be easier. Statistics show an increase number of wealthy people every year. Talking about the good old times only gives an excuse. Back then in the good old times there were people saying the same thing as they are now. With technology and progress comes new ideas, desires and needs. There are more business opportunities appearing every day to get into. Look for a need then find a way to fill that need and charge them for it.

The sixth myth: Being too young or too old. This isn’t true at all. You are never too young or too old. There are people who start business at nine  years of age and by their teens they make over 50K a year. The thought that your too young/old does not apply. Some people start early and some start later. It’s never too early or too late to create something.

The seventh myth: I don’t have enough money to start and you have to spend money to make money. Many people have made their fortunes starting from scratch. Many people have made fortunes working out of their home or garage. The elements of success are far more important than having seed money to start a business. Money does help but like anything else it’s not always necessary. Money itself isn’t the obstacle that’s keeping you from being wealthy.  What’s more important is sweat equity.

The eight myth: I’ll get started when I know everything. How the hell are you going to know everything? Do you believe that you will know everything about something one day? One day never comes. Do you even believe that you don’t know enough to start? The more you know the more you’ll realize you still need to learn. Even if you were to come out of the gate knowing everything there is to know, some of those things will change quickly. So if you don’t decide now then nothing will happen. Exercise taking action as much as you can. Make your workplace more efficient. Even if you’re an employee you’re still working for yourself. All of us have what it takes to become wealthy. But only a few know how to take advantage of the possibilities that are inside our own minds.

No one can grant you a greater potential then your heart already holds. Every one of us is born with the seed of our success. You will discover abundance and success by you looking inside yourself.