I want to share a system with you that’s as old as astrology. It’s called the chakra system. This ancient philosophy is important for health, happiness and success. Our body is a conductor of energy and what the ancients found out is that we have certain points on our body’s that are major conductor of energy. For example, let’s look at the analogy of a garden hose. Have you ever had someone step or drive over a garden hose? What happened? The flow of water slowed down or stopped. The same thing applies to the human body. When you block up energy at a certain point, it will cause problems in your body. Then the physical manifestations of the blockage will begin to show up. Within our body’s we have certain points of energy points which act as conductors.

Let’s look at the seven chakras to get a basic understanding of each one.

1) The first chakra is at the base of the tailbone. This is the survival energy which includes the source of your instincts, family, marriage, parenting, correct behavior, society and the ability to provide basic needs for living. It’s also about following the establishment for family rules. When you have compromises in these issues, you begin to experience physical problems. The physical problems may include low back pain, feet and leg cramps and even depression.

2) The second chakra is about three inches below your naval. On the mental plain this is the area where we have our power, creativity, sexual issues. This is where we tend to blame others and control issues. Our passion comes out of here. It’s where we sit money and greed. It includes relationship issues, repression or wrongness in sexual matters, and reproduction issues. On the physical plain if that area blocks up we begin to have problems with our reproductive organs. It may affect the menstrual cycle for women. There’s often impotency accruing. There may be pelvic and lower back pains, urinary and bladder problems and trouble with the hips.

3) The third chakra is about three inches above your naval. On the mental plain this is the area concerned with responsibility. It involves trust, fear, and guilt. It includes personal honor, courage, and self-respect, sensitivity to criticism, self-worth, and confidence. On the physical plain when it blocks up it manifests itself and indigestion, stomach and intestinal problems, eating disorders, diabetes, arthritis, liver dysfunction, kidney and gallbladder issues. It also includes middle of the back issues.

4) The fourth chakra is your heart chakra. On the mental plain it is our feelings of love, our happiness, sadness, anger, loneliness, forgiveness, compassion, wants, resentments, commitment issues, trust and choices in love. On the physical plain it may include issues with your heart and circulatory system. It includes breathing problems, chest pain, asthma, pneumonia, upper back and shoulder issues.

5) The fifth chakra is your throat chakra. On the mental plain it’s involved with your communication. It’s about expressing yourself and telling truth. Following your dreams and being true to yourself. It’s involved in habits, judgments, decisions, and willpower. On the physical plain you maybe have neck area pains. Mouth, teeth, gum issues. It may include thyroid issues, esophagus issues, and sore throats, choking and gagging.

6) The sixth chakra is your third eye chakra. On the mental plain it’s involved in truth, knowledge, intellect, intuition, wisdom, acceptance, listening and seeing openly. Physical manifestations include trouble with ears, eye problems, nose, brain and nervous system issues. It may include spine problems and learning disorders.

7) The seventh chakra is your crown chakra. On the mental plain this is your spirituality. It’s involved with unconditional love of self. It’s involved with healing the earth and others. It creates your empathy, humanitarianism, ethics and value. It’s your ability to go with the flow of life and see the larger picture. It’s also involved with your inspiration without wants. Because to want is to be stuck in your ego. It’s also about your higher self. Physical manifestations include skin and muscle system problems. Energy and exhaustion problems. Sensitivity to the environment, sun and sound disorders.

You can take the test at that website above and get an understanding about your chakra system and see where you need to improve. When we bring our chakras up we will have a fully functioning life that will benefit not only you but also the people around you.