A lot of people will set up goals but don’t achieve them. Name one of you goals now. It can be whatever you wish. Now focus on that goal and think about this question: Why don’t you have it yet? Why don’t you have whatever it is you want? And let me say something else before you start making excuses and blaming people. The fault is not the economy, it’s not your parents, friends, the president, or anything outside of you. There’s only one answer to the question as to why you don’t have it yet.

Have you ever wondered why people have so much trouble with getting what they want in life? Have you considered that there could be a much easier way in life? Have you ever felt that life is just too much of a struggle? A lot of us have been there or have felt that way at one time or another. But life doesn’t have to be that way. I know you’ve heard that before but life doesn’t have to be that way like I said.

So what’s the secret to having more happiness in life? Or having more money in life? Or more opportunities to grow in life? And what’s the answer to why you haven’t achieved it yet? The reason is in your own mind. No it’s not in your conscious mind or thoughts. Your roadblocks are much deeper. That place is in your subconscious mind. If there something or anything you’re trying to achieve and you are not achieving it, chances are your subconscious holds some type of screwed up programming that’s blocking you from achieving your goals. You want something but it doesn’t. Most people give themselves contradictory instructions. For example you may be saying I want to lose weight but I want that piece of pizza there, or I want to make more money but the economy is (whatever), or I want to take a vacation but I can’t afford it, or I’m lonely and I want lots of women in my life but I’m a dweeb and women don’t like that. When you do this and say this to yourself you’re actually canceling out your request. As a result of your self-limiting beliefs you will stay where you’re at and won’t grow in life.

The good news is that we can end this shit. You have to put yourself consciously in charge in creating effective communication between your conscious and subconscious mind. By consciously transposing successes from any part of your life into other ones where you consciously want to produce success. And by resolving self-defeating subconscious habit patterns into ones that support you and by creating effective coconscious communication with the part of your mind that knows what’s right for you. Your subconscious mind is like a massive computer that runs a program which controls your life. This is why most people are acting unconsciously.

Let me talk about three steps you can use to help you get closer to your goals.

1. Define what you want. It has to be clearly understood by your subconscious mind. Create a target that you can keep you mind on.

2. Prioritize your target. Remain focused on it while you get on with your normal activities. Imagine.

3. Resolve any self-defeating unconscious habit patters that can prevent you from achieving your target.

The truth of the matter is even if you have an “impossible” goal or target you can still achieve it. All you have to do is try it. Do it!