What is one thing that the world needs? What is one thing that people are missing? And it’s not what you think. Take time and think about it. Take all the time you need. I’ll bet you won’t come up with the answer I’m looking for. But I’ll tell you anyways. It’s Passion! Think about it. You’re probably are like the rest of the people who lacks passion. Or have you found your passion? And are you going for your passion? I’ve learned that passion is the one ingredients that’s missing that can help you become more successful in all areas of your life. When you experienced the world through passion the whole world will change for you. Find something that you’re passionate about. Passion will help you have a spectacular life, not just a good life. When you go after your dreams and passion, you will live a spectacular life.

If you were to put a ship at sea, which of the following determines the direction the ship will travel? Is it the direction of the breeze or the setup of the sail? What determines whether the ship gets to its destination or not? If you said it’s the setup of the sail then you guessed correctly. The setup of the sail is what determines the direction of the ship. Because the direction of the breeze is variable. Nobody has control over that. You as the captain of the ship has full control of the setup of the sail. And if the captain of the ship doesn’t know which direction to go and he is just sailing, then how can he decide which setup for the sail is best? Whichever direction the breeze blows is the direction he will go in. This is an analogy of life. If you equate the sea to your life as the captain, and you know your direction to which way to sail, you will have full control over your journey. So what is the purpose for your journey? What is the purpose of your life? Are you aware that you came with the purpose? A lot of people don’t believe that. If you look inside you’ll see that you have certain skills and experiences in life that you can use to help make other people’s lives easier. When you find the answer you’ll master your own life. You’ll have the control. You’ll know which sail setup will take you to your destination. And the outside stuff that’s going on can be tough, because all life has storms in it but you’ll be able to face them in the proper way. You’ll be able to maneuver your ship and take different routes. You’ll will know your direction.

The secret to greatness and power in life is to know exactly what your purpose in life is. It’s not about getting a big car. It’s not about having a big house. It’s about helping the people around you. How can you help the people around you? What skills do you have that you can help others with? Find that out then start your journey towards your purpose. It’s the set of the sail not the direction of the breeze that determines where you go in life. You have unique desires and passions that correspond to your purpose. Your purpose in life is what the world is waiting for. Only you can fulfil your unique purpose. When you find your purpose and set your intention on it, the world will provide opportunities for you to use for your purpose. Your true purpose lies at the cross point of your talents, your passions and the world’s needs. It is what you love the most, what you’re best at and what you can contribute the most. When you discover your life purpose you will be a light in the darkness.

When you have a dream and it occupies your most dominant thoughts then that will attract all the resources and all the opportunities that can help you make your dream a reality. P.T. Barnum once wrote “The great secret of success in anything is to get a hearing. Half the object is gained when the audience is assembled” What does that mean? It means get attention. That’s the first law of marketing. That applies to your success in life in any area. Think of it from a marketing prospective, where your dream is the product and your attention to achieve the dream is the marketing effort you employ to make the product highly successful. Learn how to communicate your thoughts and ideas.

A lot of people have weak intentions. Their intentions are wishes and hopes instead of decisions and commitments. How many of you have made your dream your decision and intention? Too many people stop before reaching their dream. That’s because their intentions were just wishes and hopes instead of decisions and commitments. Make your intention to achieve your dreams so powerful that it will break through any objections or criticisms. So powerful that it helps you take the risks and be courageous. If your desire is not greater than your fear then how are you going to break through you obstacles?

Dream big, dream really big so that your mind becomes a big magnet and attracts the resources to help you. The level of desire and passion that you want is the determining factor of your success.

Listen to your heart and follow it. The day you were born your heart starting playing a symphony. It is the symphony of your legacy, the symphony of your greatness. Listen to it and unleash your greatness. Your personal power is hidden in your heart. Let your symphony play on!