Let me say something that you may already know. We know that our lives and circumstances are largely a result of our thoughts and beliefs. The sum total of our thoughts if they are positive will result in a positive life. And the opposite is just as true. Some of you may be living in a negative state of life. If you think negative most of the time you tend to attract negative circumstances most of your life. This has been true since the ancient times. Ancient sages have been saying this in different ways but it’s all the same thing. For example, if you plant an apple seed you’ll get an apple tree. The seed is your thought implant and the tree is what is manifested in the physical world. The ancient Egyptians called this phenomenon “As within so without.” What that means is that our outer world and circumstances are reflections of our inner realities.

Our thoughts are energetic waves and are subject to the law of sympathetic resonance. According to this law when an object with a specific frequency vibrates and is brought near another object with a similar frequency, it will cause the second object to vibrate as well. The second object will vibrate if it has similar frequency as the first object. That means like attracts like. The same principal applies to our thought and beliefs. The more good thoughts we have the better our lives will be. The more positive thoughts we have the more positive circumstances we encounter in our lives. And the same is true with the negative. Our subconscious mind cannot differentiate between good and bad. This is because the subconscious minds largely represents our mind in its natural state. The mind that is pure and non-judgmental. Our conscious mind gets the important task of being the gate keeper which guards our thoughts that get into the subconscious mind. And the more mindful and aware you are the easier it is to guard what goes through your mind. That’s why we need to be more tuned in with the here and the now.

There are couple of exercises to help you become more mindful. First of all you need to guard every thought carefully. You need to become a conscious gate keeper to your subconscious mind. Remember that whatever you think about, especially when combined with the emotions of desire or fear, you will attract into your life. Make sure you will attract what you want into your life by constantly thinking about only what you truly want. And the second exercise is to feed your mind constantly with new images and ideas of the person you want to be and the life you want to live. By creating this inner attitude of the mind, you change the outer aspects of your reality. You change the inner, you change the outer. So start guarding your thoughts. Don’t let any negative thoughts enter your subconscious mind because it will turn your game (life) sour or start causing weeds to grow in your garden (mind).

The next thing you want to do is to change your beliefs. Now this is one of the hardest thing you will ever do in your life, but with practice it gets easier. Our mind is to our body what the software is to the computer. Whatever words and deeds come through your body must first be conceived inside your mind. Our belief system is compatible to the computers operating system. It determines how we respond or react to the external world and circumstances and what we attract into our lives. If you have strong inner beliefs you’ll respond to any challenges like a champion. But if you have weak inner belief then suddenly the world become dark for you. And when it becomes darkness for you all you will attract is more darkness. If you have that cycle going on in your life then it’s time to break it.

If you look carefully at yourself you’ll realize that how you respond to certain situations largely depends on your core beliefs. If you belief the world out there is a dog eat dog world and everyone is out to get you then you’ll respond in a certain way. You’ll put on your guard and give off a negative vibe. You’ll have greater degree of mistrust and unease about people. This has become a real common situation in the business world. Now look at the opposite of that. If you’re in a “sacred” (church or temple) place you respond and react in a different way. Your words will become softer. Your entire mannerism changes. How you respond to the external world depends on your core beliefs.

If we want to change our life then we have to change our core beliefs. Our core beliefs determine what we attract into our lives. This is because our belief system is like a computer’s operating system. If your computer is running windows OS then it will attract software that are windows compatible. It automatically overlooks programs for mac’s and Linux because it can’t run those programs. So our belief system may limit our possibilities in life. If you believe in scarcity as appose to belief in abundance, you’ll attract circumstances in your life that’s consistent with that belief. Also note that what you believe may not be what you want. This means that whatever your mind conceives and believes it will achieve. Like a seed, the imprints in your mind will bare fruits when the circumstances is conducive to its ripening. How fast and whether a belief manifests itself into physical reality is dependent two things. First it’s dependent on the strength of your belief. Second, the duration that you hold that belief. The stronger and longer you hold your belief the more likely it is to come true in your outer lives. You can change your life by changing your belief system.

What you need to do is recognize your present belief system. Recognize the ones which are not working for you and not bringing what you want in your life. Recognize them and then replace those beliefs with those that will work in your favor. Hold the new beliefs long enough and you’ll see changes in the outer realities of your life. That’s the real key to reinventing your life. Let me give you another exercise: Look through your mind and identify your core beliefs. Write them down and see how your behavior has been consistent with your core beliefs. Then select and change the core beliefs that are not working with those that do work. If you previously believed in scarcity then replace that with abundance. Hold on to the new belief strongly and long enough so your behavior will automatically change to become consistent with the new belief. This applies to any area of your life.

Whatever we get out of our lives is a result of what we have imprinted in our minds. Our past mental imprints determine our present situation in life. Right now we are experiencing our past mental imprints. And the mental imprints that we plant now will determine our future situation. For example, if you want a beautiful garden then you will have to selectively plant beautiful plants. And you must constantly pull out the weeds. If you don’t then the garden will become overrun by weeds and cover up the beautiful plants. And likewise to plant for a beautiful life, you must select only the mental imprints that you want and constantly weed out the useless garbage that goes on which are the harmful mental imprints that come into your head. This requires constant mindfulness. You need to continuously guard what goes past you conscious mind and into the subconscious mind. That means you are fully responsible and accountable for your life. Stop blaming everyone for the way your life is currently. Stop blaming your parents, your teachers or anyone else you’re blaming. People look someone to blame when things go wrong in their lives. What’s funny about that is when good things happen in people lives they rarely look for someone to praise. When we blame others for the bad things then why don’t we praise others for the good things in our lives? Blaming others for the bad things is like avoiding responsibility for our lives. And as long as we do that we will never be a master of our lives.

We should cultivate gratitude for all that we have received. Here’s’ a good mantra to tell yourself every day. “Thank you for the abundance, thank you for the health and thank you for all the happiness, abundance and good health.” Try repeating that every night before you go to sleep and you’ll see nice pleasant changes in your life.

Here are two more exercises. The first is called the gratitude book. Get a little notebook and at the end of each day write down everything you’re grateful for. By doing this constantly you’ll be training your mind to focus on the positive aspects of your life. The second is call altruistic joy. This concept came from the Buddhists. It means rejoicing in other people’s good fortune. This practice counters your tendency to be envious of other people’s success. When you become envious you attract negativity in your life. Each time we rejoice at some else’s success we’re basically planting joyful imprints in our minds which will sow the seeds of joy.