Let’s take a look at three major stumbling blocks and how to overcome them. When we understand the reasons for our resistance then that can help us change our lives and overcome our obstacles. These three stumbling blocks consist of doubt, fear and inaction. I know that sounds familiar to a lot of people.

The first obstacle is doubt. Doubt comes out when we don’t believe in the truth that we’ve been taught. One of the problems of doubt is that we normally require proof of the validity of the teachings. Yet the problem with this particular stance is that proof of the pie is in the eating. If you don’t eat it, no amount of description of the pie will give you the taste of the pie. In order to know this path, you have to walk the path. But for those people who have to have proof, there are a lot examples of those who have walked the path and have enjoyed the fruits. Deep down inside us this to be true. An ancient man once said “see the lilies of the field, even Solomon is not wise as they are.” He was talking about the simple beauty of a flower and all of its perfection. The lily doesn’t need to wear a coat. It doesn’t need to dress itself up. It already is beautiful. It is greatness that we ourselves can achieve as well when we travel the less traveled path. And the antidote for doubt is believing in yourself. Believe in yourself and the teachings of those who have already accomplished whatever it is that you want to accomplish yourself. Take a look at how many have become successful by eliminating  doubt, eliminating fear and taking action. You probably know people in your own lives who have done what I’m talking about here.

The second obstacle is fear. Fear is a product of our ego. The ego has the need to preserve its own existence. The ego doesn’t want to give up control and doesn’t want to die. The ego cunningly blinds us to our own divine nature, or our real true power in life. It wants to blind us and turn people into sheep. Fear arises because when walking the enlightened path we will eventually eliminate our ego. And that’s what the ego doesn’t want. It works to preserve its own existence by sewing doubt and fear in your mind. This results in inaction and resistance to change. Your war is with you. With the puppet master that wants to control you. When we resist our present form, it persist, which then preserves the ego. Our antidote for fear is courage. The courage to accept that we are greater beings than we think we are. We are capable of overcoming the barriers in front of us. We need the courage to believe and do what we know is true and the courage to do what we know what we must do in order achieve greatness. The truth is that you deserve to be happy and you know you have to conquer your fear. The fear exists in your life to test you and mold you into a strong human being.

The third obstacle is inaction. Inaction is the result of doubt and fear and laziness. A lot of people have the tendency to stay as they are instead exerting the effort to change. How many of you have actually taken steps towards your goals? We need to overcome our doubt and fear then put in the effort to change by taking action. So many people have this inertia to take action due to fear and laziness. Think of it this way: The struggle is similar to pushing a big heavy boulder down a slope. In the beginning the resistance is great, but after it begins to move we only need to put minimum force to keep it moving. Soon it will move down the slope on its own. That’s the same way with you game (game of life, career, women etc…). It’s going to take a lot of effort to get you in motion but once you’re in motion you’ll stay in motion. The antidote for inaction is effort.

Try this exercise: Create a list things that you fear. Then arrange them with your greatest fear on top of the list and then your smallest fear at the bottom. Then confront each fear in a sensible way and slowly start eliminating each one from your list. Beginning with the smallest fear and working upward to your biggest fear. Try that and you’ll see you will gain more power as you take action.