I want you to imagine this seen. For a long time you’ve wanted to do or to have _____ (anything you desire) and now you have obtained it. Now it’s in your procession. It’s has everything you could ever want. You love the special feeling you get from it and feel the joy that arises in you. Take a moment and enjoy that imagery.

How do you feel now after that exercise? Pay attention to the feelings. For a few seconds you probably felt damn good. Then your mind started saying something like “I like the thought but it’s just a day dream.” Your mind spoiled the magic feeling and the dream. You can let you daydream and fantasies go on without destroying them. One thing you don’t want to do is comment negatively about them or throw them away as useless. When ending a daydream, do it without any criticism or negative comments. A lot of people like to show disbelief in having the dream become true. Don’t destroy the dream by denying the possibility of materializing. So don’t worry that believing in your dreams will turn you into a dreamy and unpractical person. Instead, let them motivate and inspire you which can help you become more practical and successful person.

How did you feel when you accomplished a goal in the past? How did you feel when you went on a vacation that you had been waiting for? How did you feel when you got that girl you really liked to say yes to a date? How did you feel when you got a promotion at your job? Or when you grew your business to what you want it? How did you feel when you succeeded that project? Did you feel the excitement?

These are the moments that have juice and power in them. The feelings that accompany success are very important. I want you to remember the feelings that accompanied your past success because they are the magic for the future. And if you use them intentionally and consciously, they can cause the materialization of your dreams. Practice rehearsing in your mind the feelings you get that accompanied success. These simple little happy success feelings generate the energy you need to work on your goals. If you think about something you really want to realize and at the same time you generate the feeling of success and stay with it, you can achieve wonders in your life.

If you examine your goals and desires in a real and sincere way, some of you may discover that you have some fears of realizing them. You want something but yet are afraid to have it. You may want to change something but you’re afraid to make the change. When you have a goal but at the same time you also have doubts and fears, you’re actually driving away the materialization of your dreams. It’s kind of like going against the wind and being pushed back. These fears hide in the back of our minds and a lot of us are not even conscious of them. It takes analyzing any desire we have to see if there are any resistance to bring it about. And that will bring the fears into the open and help you release those fears.

A lot of people look at the world around them as something real and solid. Their minds are chained to what they see around them. Their thoughts reflect their lives. Circumstances and events are reflected by their thoughts. They’re caught up in the matrix. That’s what the matrix is. It’s how you’re preceding the world around you. And you create that matrix. When you’re able to see in your mind a different life, you’ll stop being enslaved by your circumstances and start creating your own life. If you hold in your mind thoughts and images of the kind of life you want which is the first step to changing your outer life. Visualize and imagine different situation and environment and see what happens. If you go on thinking the same thoughts, then the same thoughts will materialize. If your mind is not opposing and resisting these thoughts with negativity, fear and doubt then you can literally change your life.

Sometimes the materializing of your thoughts and desires can be delayed because you may not be ready for them yet. For example, if you’re waiting for your desire to materialize and you’ve been doing the visualization but you may not be ready for it. Deep down your higher consciousness knows what’s good for you. Sometimes you need to learn a new skill or knowledge before you get what you want. You need to develop a little bit so you can handle you desires when it shows up. The more conscious you are of yourself the more you will wake up. I’m talking about being conscious. The feeling of existence. The feeling of being alive. It’s your awareness of life. So when you focus your consciousness on success, you also need to feel it. Success consciousness means you’re certain of success without doubts. How can you attain success if your consciousness is focused on failure and doubt? Become aware of your consciousness and the feeling you are in.

Whatever it is you desire to bring about, try to feel as if it already happened. Relive your happiness and feelings of any success you’ve had in the past, and transfer that feeling to the present moment. Feelings are the current of power. It has to be real and strong to bring results. Success consciousness is a state of inner certainty, even if your current reality is far from what you want it to be. It doesn’t cost anything to experience it. Don’t let doubts and negativity enter your mind. Focus on the success and positive. There are positives in everything. Consciousness has the power to create. And what is in end consciousness comes out in the end. I’m not talking about some super natural bs. I’m talking the basic laws of the universe. It may take some time until consciousness manifests your desires in the outer world but that’s ok, it’s coming to you when you hold the program steady. You must believe with certainty of success without any doubts. There should be a complete lack of doubt. Doubt is like a virus that destroys all the good stuff. Don’t let it creep in. If doubt creeps in, push it back out. Treat this inner actions in the spirit of fun and challenge. Even though this is a serious subject, have fun with it. Reduce your tension and you’ll be able to put forth more energy in a positive manner. So enjoy this process.