Inferiority complex is something that a lot of people suffer from. What is inferiority complex? According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary it is defined as: an acute sense of personal inferiority often resulting either in timidity or through overcompensation in exaggerated aggressiveness.

A lot of people suffer from inferiority complex which has resulted mainly from being criticized when growing up to adulthood. When we’re younger it’s harder for us to stop the negativity and criticism from entering our minds and programming our subconscious. It’s also hard when we’re adults but if we are aware of it then we can choose what enters our minds and what doesn’t. What you have to realize is that people’s criticism and other negative impacts have no power over you. What makes you inferior is your reaction to the events. It is your thoughts and feelings that you experience after the event that determines whether your inferiority complex grows or dies.

The conditioning aspect of inferiority manifests through the conditioning of others if we let it. And our reaction to the event can determine who we become in the future. If you beat your emotional self frequently and criticizing yourself then then it will have a bigger impact on your inferiority. You condition yourself to feel inferior through self-criticism. You become your own worst enemy. You get smacked around and stepped on by your self-talk all the time. The failures become a part of who you are. Then you’re unable to dissociate events and experiences from your identity. So you begin to verbally bash your own self-esteem. Once you initiate the thoughts the feelings begin to flow. You begin to feel inferior. You use your creative imagination poorly and begin to evoke images of failure, misery, shame and low self-esteem. All of these negative self-images that you’ve accepted over time begin to mold your self-image and make you feel inferior. And you’ll eventually will believe that you’re in fact inferior.

People are goal driven. We have the option to select our goals. We can set out to achieve our goals with our creative imagination. It’s something that’s unique. It gives you the ability to become who you want to be. How does this tie into having inferiority complex? Your creative imagination gives you the power to alter your self-image. It’s a key determinant to overcoming your inferiority complex. The creative imagination helps you to dream goals and visualize things so clearly that your nervous system can’t tell whether it real or not. You can make your body experience an event just by using your creative imagination.

A lot of people of don’t even use their creative imagination and let go to waste. That’s why they feel stuck in their lives and don’t realize why. It’s your inner emotions that can create happiness and success if you use it properly. Some people actually use their creative imagination to create their inferiority complex. They imaging failure, criticism, shame, scarcity and loneliness and so on. What they should be imagining is love, abundance and happiness. It’s the images you evoke using your creative imagination that’s brings your life experiences. If you experience fear, anxiety or worry about what other people think of you, then you’re making this common mistake when using your creative imagination.

If you have the need to put other people down then you’re suffering from inferiority. What is your attitude towards people who are better than you in some areas life? How do you feel towards people who are more attractive than you? How do you feel towards people who are your superiors at work? Do you feel inferior to them? Do you feel they are better than you? Do you feel you need to pull them down by criticizing them? Or do you become inspired, excited and thrilled to see their success? Think about it deeply and answer each of those questions deeply. Don’t rush thought them.

People will also feel inferior due to their culture. This could be due to generic appearances, way of speaking and other things. But remember this is all due to fear and ignorance. Don’t let it get to you. Every time that enters your mind try to focus on something else, something that you like to get your attention away from negativity.

Now let’s talk about superiority complex. This is where people try to lift their statues by pretending to be better than other people. This is a common practice by people who feel inferior. This is a temporary patch on a large wound. This leads to more frustration and more inferiority. If you must feel superior then you’re still comparing yourself to the false measuring stick you use to judge yourself when you were inferior. Once you perceive yourself to be superior, you’ll be constantly searching for validation from others to prove to yourself that you’re still superior. You’ll likely be a person who is needy and thrives off of attention. And if you’re put off of place by being ignored and made to feel less superior, then you’ll attempt to grab back your nonexistent podium of superiority by criticizing others and using behaviors to lift your own statues.

Let me tell you something. You must accept yourself for who you are. You are you. I’m sure you’ve heard the phase “just be yourself.” But this is the worst advice you can ever get. If you continue to be yourself then you’ll continue to have the same habits, thoughts and results. That’s great if you’re a positive and a goal seeking person. But if your thoughts and actions consist of negativity and self-destruction then being yourself is the worst advice you can get. You must work on improving yourself. Being yourself is completely different then accepting yourself that you’re unique. A person who knows he or she is unique is still able to grow as a person and not be himself. He or she will continue to always be unique no matter what he or she does. You must accept that you’re a unique individual. Most people accept that they’re unique but they’re comparing themselves to the false measuring stick that causes their inferiority.
The next time you feel inferior I want you to challenge those thoughts. Find out exactly why you feel inferior. You need to realize that the people you’re measuring yourself against are not the true measuring stick. What you need to do is compare yourself to who you were. Compare yourself to who you were. Don’t compare yourself to other people. No comparison. And don’t put other people down. If you’re a shy person, don’t compare yourself to a blabber mouth. Compare yourself to who you were a month ago and see how much you’ve improved if you’ve been working on yourself. About 90% of people have an inferiority complex. So why compare yourself to someone who also has an inferiority complex. Do you see the stupidity in that? You are not inferior or superior to any one. Nor is any one inferior or superior to you. We are all ourselves. You are you. I’m me.

To overcome your inferiority complex you need to change your self-image. Your self-image is how you perceive yourself. It’s a mental picture of who you are. It’s the image of yourself you hold in your mind. Your self-image helps you do what you do and what not to do. You must change your self-image and visualize yourself as a great person. Hold that desired pictured of yourself in your mind all day and every day. Changing your self-image takes time but when it changes to something positive, then you’ll be in the light. You have to work on your inner game. You’re self-image must be congruent with your desired future. Your self-image controls what you achieve. Think about this and let it marinate in your minds.