Let me ask you a question. Have you accomplished any goals that you’ve set for yourself? Did you even set any goals? If not, then why not? What’s stopping you from setting goals or working toward your goals? Have you looked deep inside to find out why? I can tell you that the main reasons why people who don’t work towards their goals are fear, doubt and limiting beliefs. How has your mind been programmed throughout your life? Are you consciously choosing what enters your mind or do you just let everything go in and program your mind?

We live in a belief driving world. We’re surrounded by limiting beliefs. A lot of people have the concept that they’re not good enough. If your life is not the way you want it to be, you created that. If you’re shy, you created that. Anytime there’s any type of lack within you then you’ll experience more of it. If you go into the world as if you need something then you’ll experience more of that lack. Anytime there’s lacking within you, you’ll get more of the same lacking. You’ll have to go out there free flowing. Create the intention and let go of it, then see what happens.

How do you find out what your beliefs are? First of all you’ll need to declare your intentions. Then everything inside of you that’s standing in your path to achieving your intentions will bubble up. Negative thoughts will come up. All of the things that’s holding you down will bubble up. For example, let’s say your intention is to lose 15lbs in five weeks. Something inside of you is against that. What is that thought? It most likely would say “I can’t lose 15lbs in five weeks because…” Then whatever comes after the word because, is your limiting belief. Then ask yourself do I really believe that? Do I?

Another exercise you can do is to imagine what it would feel like if you’ve already accomplished your goals. Feel how it feels and what it’s like. Go deeply into the feeling. Assume that it’s already yours. Visualize and feel as though you already have your goal. Go deep into the visualization. Place yourself in the scene of completing your goals. Take about five minutes a day to do that. It would be helpful to do it more than once a day. Visualize your intentions and make it so real that it’s already there. Then pay attention to how it feels. You can also write down the feelings you get when visualizing your goals. This will help to increase the power of it. When you write it down you crystalize it. Keep writing and get all of the feelings out on paper.

What most people don’t realize is that there is an escalator in life and you can ride that escalator to the top of the mountain. I’m not saying put your goals out there and just sit there waiting for it to come into your life. You need to take action. Inspired action! Become about action. You can have anything you want as long as you don’t need it. Don’t come from the position of needing. Don’t come off as desperate because that will return back more desperation and need. So take action and learn from your experience. The best teacher is experience. You have to trust whatever you’re experiencing and is being brought to you is for your evolutionary growth.

After you’ve made a list of your intentions and goals, go through each one of them and ask yourself it this a need or a detached want? If it’s a need then ask yourself is there any way to covert this need to a detached want? Then enter your new detached intentions. Look inside yourself and focus on your intentions. Are there any opportunities or inspirations that are pulling you to act towards them? Find them and write them down. And take them on!