Let’s talk about developing your own personal charisma. There are several keys that I want to share with you that will help you develop charisma. The first one is your physical presence. This is how you relate to your body. How you connect to your body. It’s about embodying yourself and from this it becomes about the way you live in and experience your body. You have to start by paying attention to the simple sensations that come from your hands and feet. No matter what you might have previously that of your body, I need for you to imagine that you feel comfortable in it. That you’re proud to possess this body that you’re in. Way to often most people have body shame. That can make you feel less than you should. But if you learn to connect to your body by practicing feeling sensations in your hands and feet then you can become physically intelligent. You may know some people who have a ton of charisma but they might be mentally dull. And the reason for their charisma is that they have physical intelligence. If you don’t love your body then you have something going on called body shame. This will cause you to not feel as charismatic as you should be feeling.

The next point is about sensual aliveness. When you enter a room you got to pay attention to the sounds, sights, smell and feeling of the room. It’s about tapping into the here and now. Pay close attention to the surroundings you go into. Become super aware. This is what’s called the warriors charisma.
The next one is listening. When you talk to people you have to listen attentively. This will attribute the idea of charisma to you. Then you’ll become glamorous in their eyes. The key is listening. This means actively listen. Listen and pay attention. Don’t stay stuck in your head.

The next thing I want to talk about is your self-image. People perceive you only in a way you allow them to perceive you and experience you. All too often, we get conditioned to think and act in a particular way. If you’ve thought of yourself in a certain way before you’re going to carry that with you. Our expectations of yourselves are what we most often live up to. When you develop your self-image it will exude confidence, glamour and dominance. That means you have to recreate who you are.

My next point is self-value. How do you value yourself? Your source of confidence is the level value that you place on yourself. It doesn’t matter if have trouble seeing how valuable you are to the people around you, but if you want to become better than you are now you should at least pretend to have value of yourself highly. This is where finding your purpose comes in handy. So what’s your purpose? What are your passions? What are you good at? When you feel down and that inner voice is attacking you. The ideal thing you want to do is think of things that you’re proud of doing. See yourself doing them. Hear the sounds and smell of it. Feel something that you’re proud of as if you’re the best in the world it.

Take these tips and apply it to help you develop your personal charisma.