Today I want to talk about creating more in your lives. As we know like attracts like. And this also knows as the law of attraction. This has nothing to do with your personality, nothing to do with your religious beliefs and nothing to do with being good or bad. No one lives beyond the laws of the universe. This law applies to everybody’s life on the planet. The law of attraction works when you want it to and when you don’t want it to. You need to understand that you’re the creator. You’re always creating whether you realize it or not. You’re either creating something good in your life or something bad. But you do have a choice about what you create. Unfortunately a lot of people’s creations are by default. That’s why most people feel like their lifes are out of control or most things just happen to them. They don’t realize that they’re creating the things that are happening to them. And this is because most people don’t understand how the law of attraction works. In order to understand the law of attraction and how it effects our lifes, let’s talk about our creative thought process.

Every thought you think has its own energetic vibrational frequency. That thought is impressed into your subconscious mind then through the law of attraction it will energetically attract another person, place, thing or circumstance that has a vibrational match or is vibrating at the same frequency. Every thought is a vibratory pattern. Vibratory patterns tend to resonate with similar vibrations and the resonance initiates what’s called the creative process. For those of you who have looked into quantum physics then you probably know already that every matter has its own vibratory energy. Matter is attracted to other matter. All energies will gravitate to other energies with the same or similar vibratory rates. If something is vibrating at a certain frequency then it will attract other things vibrating at the same frequency. Apply that to your life now. Now you may have a better understanding as to why you attract certain people, things and circumstances into your life. All beliefs and thoughts,  if  accompanied by strong emotions will vibrate at a certain frequency.

Matter is vibration. Thought is vibration. Emotion is vibration. Everything out there is vibration. Everything that vibrates at a specific pattern will attract like vibrations. This works on the chemical, physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Once you understand this principal then you’ll realize why you have and don’t have the things you desire in your life. Whenever you think about something you don’t want, you set in motion the vibratory pattern that attracts the very thing you trying to avoid. The same thing happens if you dwell on your past negative experiences and project that into the present or the future. You will attract more of the same thoughts, more events and more circumstances that will perpetuate this negative thought. Like does attract like. It works the same way for positive and creative thoughts. You attract what you think about whether you want it or not. The law of attraction works for both equally well. Whenever something negative creeps into your life, don’t think about it and don’t dwell about it. Stay positive and optimistic. This is hard at first but with more practice the easier it will become and you’ll realize how beneficial this really is.

The more you struggle against something that you don’t want, the more you attract it to yourself because you set up resistance to it, which is energy. The more you resist, the more it will continue to persist. People have been programmed with the false belief that we can get what we want by resisting or by defeating what we don’t want. That defies the law of attraction. Here’s what people need to know: That which you defend against will become your experience. That which you fear or worry about will become your experience. And that which you prepare against will become your experience. Apply that to your lifes. What we fail to understand is that the defense against sickness is the cause of sickness. The defense against poverty is the cause of it. As you prepare and guard yourself against anything you don’t want, by focusing your attention on it and adding emotion to your thought, you’re attracting the very thing that you’re trying to defend. And the more you try to defend and resist the more powerful the attraction becomes. If you live your life in fear then all that’s going to do is attract more negativity.

Let me tell you about the good news. The good news is that if you place yourself in a clear and open state of mind, even for just for a few minutes then it will come to you. Relax and allow wellness to come into your life. This means no more struggle. Life is not meant to be a struggle. No more strain. No more doubts and worries. This means a sure and happy process of creating the life you desire. And as you look into your life and see the lack of anything be it money, relationship or whatever you desire then you’ll need to understand that the lack exist for one reason. Every one of you has chosen thoughts that are not in harmony with your desire. You are literally vibrating or attracting what you are getting. When you understand how everything comes to you then you’re also free of worry, doubt and fear. One of the main reason why people are filled with worry and fear is because they’ve accept the belief that if someone else does something that’s not in harmony with their desire it will somehow effect their life. How stupid is that? That can’t come in to your life if you don’t invite it through the energy of your thoughts, fear and worry. Nothing is more important than only focusing on what you want. And that is the mindset that you have to have. In other words you have stop worrying about things that you don’t want or things that don’t make you feel good.

Here’s something else to think about: You can’t get rid of the things that are bad in the world. That’s an illusion because it violates the law of attraction. To bring things to you more quickly the law of attracting helps you find the path of least resistance to what you desire. As your reaching for the path of least resistance, anything that is resisting within you will present itself. That means all of you fears, all of your doubts and insecurities. These is your subconscious resistance based on your past experience. That’s all the past jumping out. All the shit that you buried in there comes jumping out. All you have to do when this happen is turn you focus in the other direction towards what you desire. As you start focusing on your desires you become the owner of it.

When you plant a seed in your garden you know what it will grow into without worrying about because you allow the natural laws of the universe to do their work. If you look at your life you’ll see how you’ve planted many wonderful seeds of creation. However, in your impatience and in your worry or you lack of understanding in the creative process, you’ve focused on what you don’t have and don’t want and therefore have sabotage the seeds of your desires. Your desire will come to you at the very best time for you for your higher growth.

Another thing to realize is that there are not shortages out there. There are opportunities everywhere for everything. Don’t tire yourself by forcing things to happen. Enjoy what you have and create more opportunities for more. All things are given when you accept it. If you want more than what you believe you can achieve then you’re out of balance. And if what you’re accepting is less than what you want, you’re out of balance. You have to have your balance. You need to believe and understand that you’re creating your life and future right this moment as you’re reading this. In other words living in the present moments while giving thought to something that you desire. You don’t have to struggle to have what you desire. That’s not the way you want to live your life. That’s stressful which can kill you at an early age. When you relax and tap into the flow of the universe then the world will open up for you.

When you focus on the end result you will be guided to the specific people, circumstances, conditions, techniques or strategy in how to go about bringing forth your desire. And you will know these people, circumstances, conditions and techniques or strategies are the right ones by the way you feel, because you will feel positive emotions. It’s all about feeling and energy.

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Today I want to talk about creating more in your lives. As we know like attracts like. And this also knows as the law of attraction. This has nothing to do with your personality, nothing to do with your religious beliefs and nothing to do with being good or bad.