Are bad habits blocking your path to success? We as humans are creatures of habit. Many of has have reached a comfort level. There’s probably a bad habit or two we wish we could get rid of. Of course bad habits don’t always lead to total failure but they can often prevent us from performing at our highest potential and attaining our highest aspirations. Let’s identity five crippling habits that can block you from achieving your potential in life.

1. Absence of clear directives. Lack of clear directives can lead you to be reacting as appose to acting. So you’re constantly reacting to situations instead of having control over them and acting your own thoughts and wishes. If you have no definitive plan of action, you’ll be forced to make up one as you go along. And flying by the sit of your pants approach often results in poor decision making and may require multiple attempts in solving simple issues. Simple issues which likely could’ve been avoided if you had a definite plan in the first place. Clear directives are needed in every aspects of your business and life. From how you handle your career to what you want to do with your life. There’s a concept called corrective action. That’s where you set clear, measurable and achievable goals. Know exactly what you want to accomplish before you step out to the world. When there’s no clear directives in place, it’s like trying to hit a moving target. So set specific goals to help minimize stress.

2. Lack of accountability. When it’s all said and done we really only answer to one person, and that’s ourselves. If you have not accomplished any of your goals and desires then you only have yourself to blame. You may want to find a partner with a similar mindset as you to hold each other accountable for meeting your goals and objectives.

3. Rationalizing inferior performance. This is where you get caught up in the trap of creating or accepting the excuse for every failure and bad performance. A lot of people are good at making excuses for bad performance. We need to start accepting responsibility for our bad performances. The corrective action here would be not to rationalize, and not to accept or make excuses for inferior performance. Get your goals out and write them down and have objectives to help you measure any inferior performance. Again, you can partner up with someone to hold you accountable here. Sometimes it’s good to have someone looking over your back to see if you’re on track.

4. Use of planning in place of action. Planning is important. It includes learning and reading. But using planning instead of taking action will lead you to do one thing, which is nothing.  Do you spend a good portion of your time thinking about stuff, talking about stuff instead of actually doing stuff? Begin with small plans to start taking action now. When you get in the motion of taking action it will eventually become a habit which will lead you towards accomplishing your goals.

5. Aversion to risk and to change. Having the aversion to risk and change can paralyze you with fear. It will assure your defeat. Too many of us are afraid to risk ourselves out there. That is not the way it should be. We need to learn to embrace change within ourselves. View it as an opportunity to learn and grow. Take some time and mediate on it. We need to grow and stretch ourselves. That means taking that risk out there.

Consider these thoughts and ideas and if you’re guilty of them then take action to get them out of your life so you can have a successful life. We were not born to live a life of drudgery and misery. We were born to succeed. Let’s continue that excitement of growth. That excitement of being alive. That thrill of becoming your greatest version!