Let’s look at some different mindsets to help you achieve your financial goals. As we know our mindset determines how far we get in life and how successful we will become.

1. You must think and know that you create your life. Most people think that life happens to them. If you want to create success in any area of your life then you must believe you’re are at the steering wheel of your life and you create every moment of your life, especially your financial life. If you believe that life just happens to you then you’re playing the role of the victim. That’s how the masses are programmed to think. We must move away from that type of mindset. Take responsibility for everything that happens to you in your life. Forget the victim mentality, the poor me thing that goes through a lot of peoples head. Here’s an exercise for you to try that will change your life: For the next seven days try not to complain about anything at all. Don’t complain about anything out loud or in your head. Do this and see what happens. You’ll actually see that your life will start to shift and change. Try it for the next seven days.

2. You must play the money game to win. Don’t play the money game not to lose. Play the money game on offense rather than defense. Don’t be afraid to take risks. If you were to play any sports on defense, what are your chances on winning the game? You must play offense to score and win. Ask yourself is your big goal to have enough to pay the bills? Or is your big goal abundance? If you’re objective is just have enough to pay the bills then that’s what you’ll get. If you’re goal is to become more abundant in your life then you’ll be doing things to help get you abundance. You get what you truly intent to get.

3. You must be committed to your goal to build wealth. We all have a file in our minds that includes our personal beliefs about money. That file has been programmed with bull shit such as having money means more problems. On one side you might be thinking having more money will mean having more freedom and fun, but on the other side you might be thinking that you’ll have to work like a dog to have it. You have one side saying you’ll be able to travel all over the world, but on the other side you might be saying that everyone will want something from me. You might have these mixed signals going on in your heads. All of these are false and don’t help in achieving your goals. You must start ripping out the false beliefs. You must be totally clear what you want and be committed to creating wealth. Do what it takes as long as it’s moral and ethical to achieve your goals.

4. You must think BIG. Don’t think small. Think bigger than life. Most people think “I just want to survive life” What way are you thinking? How do you want to play the game and live your life? Do you want to play big or play small? This is about adding value to other people’s lives. That’s how you play big. Most people are stuck in their damn egos. All they think is “me me me” which is thinking small. Add value to people’s lives and it will lead you to happiness and fulfillment with an extra side of money. It’s time to start being the star you were meant to be.

5. You must be bigger than your problems. Building wealth is a journey through life. Success will be messy. That road to success has pit falls in it. That’s why a lot of people are afraid to take it. They don’t want the hassle, the headaches and the responsibilities. That’s the difference between the doers and the whiners. The doers are bigger than their problems. The whiners are smaller than their problems. Take a look at a problem that’s facing you right now. Are you bigger than that problem? Or are you smaller than that problem? Don’t back away from challenges. The key here is not to avoid problems. It’s to grow yourself bigger than your problems. Look at problems as opportunities to learn and grow from, to prove yourself from, and to mold you as a better person. The size of the problem is never the issue. What matters is the size that you are. The idea is to grow yourself to overcome any problem that gets in the way. Don’t run away and complain about problems. Confront your problems. Be a financial warrior and take it on.

6. Focus on opportunities. You must see potential growth instead of potential loss. You must see the world full of opportunities. Take responsibility for creating your life and adopt the mindset that it will work because you’ll make it work. As the saying goes “Make a way out of no way”. You must have confidence in your abilities and believe that you can handle your problems if the shit hits the fan. Have a mindset of if you lose everything you’ll make it back. See opportunities for profit all the time. Shift your focus and look at the world at a different light.

Change the way your think to change your life. It’s not about how your life is or how the world is. It’s about how you think about life and your world. Everything that you see is a reflection of what goes on in your head. Change the way you think and the things you look at will change.