Let’s talk about 5 ways you can use to bring more abundance in your life.

The first step: show gratitude for any money that enters into your life. In order to attract money in your life you have to show gratitude for the money which you already have. Instead of whining about how little money you have, show gratitude in the many ways in which you are enriched in your lives already. For example, if you make $25K a year, you’re in the top 10% percent of people in the world. When you focus on what you have rather than what you want, you’ll realize that you’re already rich. Start giving thanks to all the riches that are in your life. The next time money enters in your life from any source, instead of barely noticing what has happened, use a few moments of time to give thanks to the universe for bringing that wealth into your life. Stop and appreciate the fact that money is actually flowing into your life. Acknowledge the flow of money into your life.

The second step: act as if you’re rich. Act as if you already have the money you’re trying to achieve in your life. Ask yourself if you were rich then what would you do? How would you act? How would you feel? Then do, act and feel in those ways. I’m not saying go quite you job and move to a tropical island. But if you start small and with each success you will build to a greater and greater wealth. Eat a little better, dress a little nicer, go on slightly higher end vacations, take that course that you think you can’t afford. Do anything at all that you wish to do in which you thought you couldn’t do it before because of lack of money. And when you do these things take joy in your inner state of wealth. Know that this state will be reflected in your outer world. Remember what happens on the inside is reflected out on the outside. The next time you’re about to buy something give thanks to the universe that you have the money to pay for it.

The third step: Pick up any change you see on the ground. In order to attract money into your life your subconscious mind has to be open to the idea of wealth flowing to you. Be open and receptive to money coming to you from all kinds of sources. These includes change laying on the street. If you pass that penny on the side walk and your usual reaction is to ignore it, because picking up that penny is not worth the effort, then you’re telling your subconscious mind that you’re not willing to put out effort for money. The amount of money makes no difference whether you see a penny or a dime down there. The subconscious mind does not distinguish between one penny and one million dollars. The subconscious mind speaks in pictures. All it knows is how you feel. And these manifests in so many ways. Whenever you don’t accept a gift graciously, whenever you don’t charge someone for work that you’ve done for them or charge them way less than you should because you feel guilty, and whenever you sell a product for less than its worth, then you’re generating emotions of lack. Apply these to your life. If you’ve been undercharging for your services then raise your prices. If you feel you’re not earning what you should, ask for a raise.

The fourth step: Be open to money making opportunities that may come into your life. There are opportunities everywhere. If we open our eyes we will see them. There are probably many times in the past if you had taken the opportunity you could’ve made money from. Weather it was career opportunities, investment opportunities or an idea you had once that someone else is making bank off of now because you didn’t act on them. Good news is that new opportunities are always around us all the time. We simply need to look out for the opportunities. Keep an open mind and be prepared to take advantage when the opportunity comes. There’s a saying that goes “luck occurs when opportunity meets preparation.” This means if you accept to find new opportunities in your life and you prepare to take advantage of them when they come, you’ll be blessed with more luck then you could realize is possible. It’s the same thing with other areas of your life. If you prepare for it then you will be ready to accept it when it shows up. An exercise you can try to be take a notebook and write down all the money making ideas you can think of. It doesn’t matter how crazy it might seem. Write it down anyways. These will do two things. First, you’ll realize that there are plenty of money making opportunities around you write now. It’s always there and always will be. Second, this exercise will stimulate your mind to see money making opportunities where you might have ignored it in the past, and will help you practice to seek opportunities in the future. If you keep adding ideas in you note book on a constant bases, one day you’ll see an opportunity that’s perfect for you.

The fifth step: Do something that makes you feel good. When you feel good, your energy raises and when your energy raises it attracts more things into your life. So many people are caught up in the backwards thinking that they miss the flow of energy. All you need to attract the good things in your life including money is to generate positive energy in your world. The states of happiness and joy latterly rearrange the atoms of your world to bring you more happiness and more joy. And of course you may know that the reverse is true. States of depression and down will create all of that in your outer life. If you found your way into negativity then find your way out of it. When you focus on negative things, you’ll bring that into your life. You’ll find that there will be trouble at work, trouble with your relationships. It just keeps going on and on and on. We have to get negative energy out of our lives. If you have negative people around you, you may want to cut ties or spend less time with them. Spend your time feeling good about yourself and your life. If this is hard for you to do then just practice it. Practice it by avoiding fear, anger, and depression. Practice feeling good about yourself. Always look for the good out there and you will find it. Focus on being happy. This will send out the happiness vibrations out into the world which will bring rich rewards. Another exercise you can do is to pick something in your life which you’re grateful to send out the happiness and gratitude vibrations out to the world.

Try these five simple action steps to begin to experience prosperity in your life. Know that the outside world is a reflection of you inner mind. You can make every day from this day forward a little more joyful, a little more abundant, and you can watch your life grow.